Gold Vermeil Jewelry You Need to Know

by BAMOER Fashion Jewellery
Gold Vermeil Jewelry You Need to Know

When talking about gold vermeil jewelry, you maybe not strange as everyone have a piece in your jewelry collection. Like most of Bamoer jewelry, we mainly produce gold vermeil or genuine 925 sterling silver jewelry. You probable also like to know the difference between 14k gold and 18k. Now Bamoer will show you detailed guidance of gold vermeil jewelry meaning and value. Pick up vermeil jewelry whenever you like to buy, birthday, gift, or special occasion. Adding it to your jewelry collection!


What’s Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

Gold vermeil means a thick gold layer of solid gold over high quality sterling silver. Usually using electroplating the silver with gold, it’s a chemical process to bind the two metals together. In the jewelry market trend, gold vermeil is an alternative than solid gold (price), acrylic (quality) and other material.

14K Gold Vermeil Dreamcatcher Jewelry Set

Gold Vermeil VS Gold Plated

Gold vermeil jewelry uses high quality 925 sterling silver plated with a thin layer of gold. Less expensive than gold vermeil, gold plated jewelry use low-end metal like brass, copper electroplated with a layer of gold. Simply put, gold vermeil jewelry are different from the gold plated jewelry only on the base metal, sterling silver or a lower quality metal such as copper or brass. 

14K Gold Vermeil Sun Starry Pendant Necklace Fashion Jewelry for Women

Is Gold Vermeil Jewelry Water Proof?

Compared to solid gold, gold vermeil jewelry seems easy to get off as time goes by. But it can also tarnish with 2 year of wearing with your care. Since it’s not waterproof, you better take it off when get into hot shower, or swimming. It's also a good idea to keep it in your jewelry box after wearing and not to sleep with it on.

 14K Gold Vermeil Small Hinged Hoops

Is Vermeil Jewelry Hypoallergic?

Definitely! Our gold vermeil jewelry is friendly for those with sensitive skins, especially metal allergies. Gold Vermeil is the perfect choice because of precious 925 sterling silver base. Bamoer gold vermeil jewelry all has professional certificate of 925 sterling silver. No more worry about material.

 14K Gold Vermeil Rose Jewelry Necklaces

Does Gold Vermeil Jewelry Expensive?

There is no shortage of gold-plated or gold vermeil jewelry out there. But there are big differences - mainly in the quality and long-term value as you consider what to include in your jewelry collection. And gold vermeil jewelry looks like they might cost a small fortune, but actually quiet affordable with same fashion effect of gold.

 14K Gold Vermeil Sun Starry Pendant Necklace Fashion Jewelry for Women

Time to give yourself a treat with intricate and elaborate gold vermeil jewelry! There is nothing more beautiful than gold vermeil necklaces jewelry set bringing out a sense of luxury.

Vermeil is a great option. Durable and timeless, and affordable.

To see a large collection of pieces of varying designs, check out Bamoer collection of vermeil jewelry.   

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